Lace Up Instructions

Installing the lace in a Lace Up Hose Restraint

Lacing up a Commercial Sewing Lace Up Hose Restraint is a simple process and very similar to lacing up a shoe.

1) Starting at the base of the eye legs, feed each end of the lace through a diamond. If you have an endlesshose restraint, ie; no eyes, then remove the centre ferrule and feed either end of the lace through opposing diamonds at one end of the hose restraint.

2) Place hose on to restraint.

3) Take each end of the lace and place thorough the diagonally opposite edge diamond.

4) Continue this criss crossing pattern down the restraint pulling the restraint tight onto the hose as you go.

5) Once you reach the end of the restraint, use the same pattern and work the lace back on itself 4 or 5 passes to complete the process.