We manufacture and stock a full range of Cargo and Safety Nets and can even custom make nets to your specific requirements.

Contact us for all of your needs. Our Nets are either made from Polyester / Nylon or Polypropylene depending on type of net required. All nets are manufactured in our factory in Perth, Western Australia and all fully comply with the Australian Standard for Safety Nets.

Ship Safety / Webbing net

(Pocket Webbing)

Cargo / Safety net


Gangway net


Billy Pew Personnel Transfer


Wire Cargo Net

(2500kg/5000 swl)

Polypropylene rope Cargo Net/safety

Net/Scramble Net

Uses include:

Helicopter deck anti skid applications
Helicopter deck perimeter safety
Scramble nets for assault courses, playgrounds and military training
Cargo transporting
Ship’s gangway nets
Safety embarkation applications for oil rigs
Cargo Nets can be manufactured from polypropylene/polyester, manila or sisal with mesh sizes from 50mm to whatever the clients’ requirements. Rope net sizes are determined by the S.W.L required and can have lifting eyes at all corners. Net sizes from 1m² to 50m².

Nets can also be pocket webbing. These nets are usually manufactured in nylon or polyester.

Safety nets can be manufactured from nylon or polyester or polypropylene, however we build nets to the following standards:

Excerpt from the Australian Standard for Safety Nets:

1. Dimensions

1.1 A safety net must be approximately 5.5m in length and 2.5m in width, except where a surveyor permits the use of a smaller net, but in no case must a safety net measure less than 3.7m in length and 2.5m in width.

1.2 An aperture of the mesh of a safety net must be not more than 190mm measured between opposite knots when the mesh is hung or cut to make it square mesh.

2. Construction

2.1 A safety net is to consist of a framing rope and netting both resistant to actinic degredation and having at least 400kgwt and 125kgwt breaking strain respectively.

2.2 The safety net is to be secured in position at each corner, and intermediate points if required, by suitably secured lengths of framing rope.

2.3 The corners of each mesh of a safety net must be properly secured so as to prevent movement.

We custom make nets to your requirements.