Web & Round Slings

Commercial Sewing has been manufacturing slings since 1973. We provide a variety of heavy duty slings of varying strengths and lengths. Whatever your lifting requirements, we have the safe solution.

Our slings can be round or webbing. They can be used for anything at all. Commercial Sewing supply slings for all jobs, no matter how large.

Boat Slings

Need a giant lift?

Commercial Sewing manufactured these slings to lift Western Australian made boats to be delivered to Bremen in Germany.

Working Load Limit (WLL) 240 tonnes.

Round Slings

We are Western Australia’s only manufacturer.

These slings are colour coded to Australian and international standards. Round slings are available from 1 tonne to 50 tonnes.

SF 7/1 to AS 4497-1 1997.

Webbing Slings

Webbing slings are manufactured to the highest quality.

SF 8/1 to AS 1353 1/2 1997.

WLL 12 tonnes, shown with wear pads.

4-leg webbing sling