Freeline Slackline

Slackline in Action!


  • How easy is the slackline to use?

    Our slacklines are very simple and easy to setup and can be used by adults and children of all ages.
  • How is slacklining good for you?

    Slacklining improves your balance, posture and concentration. Many people use this sport to clear their minds and relax from stress and work. It improves core strength and people report feeling more focused and also more flexible.

    Some sports and equipment aim to develop muscles through a repetitive targeted physical regime. However this means that non-active muscles are not getting worked. These non-active core muscles of the back and neck are very important in supporting correct posture.

    Many medical practitioners and health professionals advocate balance exercises particularly slacklining for its ability to improve proprioception and co-ordination.

    Propreoception is the body’s own sense of its position in space and its ability to sense and identify direction of movement.

    Propreoception training builds up muscle to support the rest of the body. This means the body is less prone to common injuries, such as twisted ankles. The result of continuous slacklining is the strengthening of the spine, back and stomach muscles, which provides support for ankles knees and hip joints.

    Good balance increases co-ordination and strength, this increases general health, and safety in sports and everyday movements. It reduces the risk of inc

  • Is there a link between balance and ADHD?

    In the last 10 years scientists have done amazing research on the intricate functions of the brain, and a link between the balance system and disorders like ADHD, Dyslexia, learning difficulties and other behavioural issues. The basis of this principal lies within the relationship between the vestibular system (found in the inner ear, which is part of the balance system) and the cerebellum.

    The cerebellum is located just above the brain stem, at the base of the skull and is sometimes referred to as the ‘little brain’. The cerebellum is known to be the centre of balance and equilibrium and also muscle tone, but research is now showing it has a major role in cognition and behaviour as well. One of the major problems for children with dyslexia or learning difficulties is that they are not using both sides of the brain effectively, and communication between the two sides is scattered, or heavily relies on one side (usually the right side) to do all the work. This makes the job of processing information that is being received very difficult. Perceiving words or letters backwards, or not understanding a sentence is a common issue for these children/adults. This makes it very difficult to read and write and this in turn creates a defective cycle of learning.

    ADD/ADHD is a topic that evokes great debate from many professionals, teachers and parents. Children with ADHD are often prescribed Ritalin, an amphetamine derived stimulant. This helps speed up brain activity…weight loss, insomnia, sleep delay, abdominal pain, headaches, dry mouth, dizziness, depression are some of the side effects. There are many programs all over the world that use balance and sensory stimulation as an alternative to drug treatment, and amazing results have been seen.

    ADHD, Dyslexia and behavioural problems do not have one miracle cure, but what we can say is that by stimulating the cerebellum through balance, it is actually a brain workout.

    Slacklining incorporates the use of both sides of the body, and so uses both sides of the brain, strengthening the neural pathways between left and right hemispheres. The more challenging the balance, the faster and more effective the brain has to work in order to respond to the challenging information that it is receiving.

    Can you see the connection?
    Slacklining is also a heap of fun and something most kids love to do and keep doing.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

The slackline is great fun for the whole family and VERY addictive!

Angela Lee, Wollongong

Had a ball at the latest family get together in the park … Strung it between two trees and couldn’t get everyone off it all afternoon! Highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting one!

Mick Neil, Joondalup